Welcome to BestBlot.com


What is BestBlot.com?
A domain currently used for private email, by friends and family.

Is BestBlot.com for sale?
Maybe… depends the offer. BestBlot is available for the right price.

How much are we talking about?
I turned down an offer for $750 in 2014, so I’m after more than that.

But $750 is a lot of money. How much do you want?
At least $2,000.

What about the threat of legal action?
I’ve dealt with such legal matters in my day job, so no problem.

Why BestBlot.com?
Why not? It was available.

Email: info@bestblot.com

Hope this answers most questions.
Good luck in the search for the perfect domain name, if this is not it!

BestBlot.com: Maybe for Sale